Saturday, May 27, 2017

9 Month Body Parts

At nine months old I had photos taken in black and white of both Caroline and John Collins to capture the sweetest details of every square inch of their little baby bodies. I never want to forget their tiny toes and little noses. There is just something about a little naked baby that I just cannot seem to get enough of. I never posted Caroline's back when she was nine months so here are both babies at nine months.....
Ten little fingers, Ten tiny toes, 

The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose.
All these add up
To a very special
thing -- A BABY
The greatest of gifts 
That life can bring

March/April Doings

March and April were filled with a little this and a little that!

Napping with her all time favorite, her Grandaddy, after a trip to see family in Arab.....
Playing outside on those perfect spring weather days.
Posing before Sunday morning church.
Playing in the playroom.
Visits to the park. 
Celebrating the sweetest Courtney as she prepares to become a bride! 
Lots of snackin' 
Turning into little bunnies. 
Celebrating Baby Banks turning ONE. 
And last but certainly not least, celebrating our precious Mimi as she turned 90. Sweetest memories. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy EIGHT and NINE months, John Collins!

The months are running together. Time is getting the best of me and I'm trying desperately to keep up. This little boy is growing up right before my eyes. He gets sweeter by the second, I swear. I tell no lies. I could eat him up in ONE BITE! And what is sweeter than a sleeping baby....absolutely nothing. So I have to document every chance I get. 
John Collins personality is a bit different than his sister's at this point. Very laid back, always smiling (unless hungry or sleepy, duh), goes with the flow, and LOVES being held and cuddled. He doesn't meet a stranger and is getting to be quite mobile! He got his two front teeth at 8 months. He is army crawling but not up on all fours yet. He is starting to really focus on me saying "mama" "dada" and "bye-bye." He kicks his legs really fast when he is happy and opens his mouth up in the biggest grin.  He loves scooting around in his walker and running into the cabinets. He thinks it is so funny. His favorite "toy" is cords to the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer (out of all the baby approved toys he has). He loves his sister and hardly takes his eyes off of her when she is in the room. He also loves his, Momma and the feeling is quite mutual. He sleeps 12 hours at night and is still taking two naps a day. 
He has more rolls than I can count and I am in love with them.  Caroline was always skinny minny so this chunk is quickly gaining lots of attention for his extra plumpness! We love calling him Big Daddy and Big John-John around here! 
Caroline informed me that "I colored John Coyins" and he didn't seem to mind one bit!
No surprise that big boy loves to eat! Anything, anywhere, anytime. He is ready to put down some food. 
Little boys in bubbles own me. 
Lunchin' at taco mama in a high chair for the first time! 
Nine months brought a trip to the doctor for our check-up. Happy, healthy and handsome were the doctors words and I couldn't agree more. Praising God for a good visit and for making me his momma! 
Just chilling in the waiting room with Daddy! 
He didn't cry once the whole visit. Not even when he got his finger pricked. So brave! 
75% for head circumference. 
75% for weight! 
75% for length at 26 inches 
 Oh John Collins, I am loving watching you grow but at the same time I wish you would stay little forever and ever!