Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Easter Sunday 2018

Celebrating and praising a RISEN Savior with our church family always makes for a wonderful day.
 Caroline did not want to go to the nursery (i.e. - pitched a fit and would not go) so we let her sit in the service with us. It was such a special treat to have her sitting besides us while we worshiped our King. My greatest prayer is that her heart grows to love and know him as her personal Lord and Savior. 
Lunch at Shoal Creek with the Cease family and the Shaw's and an egg hunt on the lawn made for the perfect Easter Sunday afternoon! 
As close as he got :) 

Hippity Hoppity Happenings

Easter festivities are always one of my favorite times of year! Something about adorning those sweet bunnies and feeling a little warmth in the air brings a sense of happiness. We attended several Easter egg hunts with the babies this year. What is better than opening an egg with candy inside?? So much fun watching the excitement and joy in their little faces. 

We enjoyed the Easter egg hunt with our life group class! 
Caroline was so happy that her friend Hadley was there to hunt eggs with her! 
The West Homewood egg hunt with cousins was a blast! We even got to meet the Easter bunny! 
Our neighborhood hunt was full of lots of kids and yummy treats! 
Caroline's sweet class on the day of their egg hunt at school....
We loved dressing up like little bunny rabbits! 
And the Easter bunny even dropped us off special treats!! and surprise gift in the backyard....
Love my peeps! 

Welcoming Carey Whitten Laney

Whitt was born on March 17th and is the sweetest, snuggliest, most beautiful baby boy! We are all in love. He is one lucky little boy to have two "momma" and three built in best friends waiting to love on him and play!!! It was a special day watching my sister and Scott become parents of a third baby. Introducing the siblings and cousins to him was just precious to watch. John Collins was definitely that most fascinated with him. How much fun we will have in the years to come!!! Whitt, welcome to the crazy. We love you a hug and a kiss :) 
Heading to meet Baby Whitt! 
We tried..
Caroline walked right in and sat down in the floor to hold him. She just couldn't wait!!