Monday, February 19, 2018

Best Friends

Watching my two babies that are born just 16 months apart become best friends may be the sweetest thing I've ever experienced.  I hope they always love one another and have the closest friendship. 
BFF :) 

John Collins Goes to School

John Collins joined his sister at Dawson Day School's Mother's Day Out program on Tuesday and Thursdays. He is in the 18 month class with his sweet friends. He really has done very well and his teachers say that he is having the best time. He still sheds a few tears at drop off but he recovers quickly and is running around playing in no time :) I love going to pick him up and seeing his fat little legs running towards me. 
So glad to know that big sister is with him to make sure he is staying out of trouble :) :) 

What's Up Doc?! John Collins 18mo Check Up

18 months old with this chunk of love. He wears me out in the best way. He is non-stop from sun up to sun down keeps us on our toes at all times. He LOVES eating (pretty much anything), throwing things, getting into the kitchen cabinets, dumping out the dog food and eating it, sweeping the floors with his broom, bath time, running everywhere he goes, screaming and yelling to get his point across, and sitting in my lap to read books.  
He still isn't saying much although he "talks" all the time. He consistently says ball, da-da, and uh-oh. He shakes his hands above his head when he is "all-done" with his food. He gives lots of good lovin' and kisses (wide open mouth-to-mouth kisses).  When you tell him to say "I'm sorry" he will lean in and lay his head on you.  He can follow most all commands that we tell him and he can get his point across to us by yelling and pointing :) 
He is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Doc already told me to be prepared for a big boy :) 
Here are some sweet pics I took of him on his 18month birthday! 
And here are some of my favorite action shots of him at 18 months.....
We love you BIG sweet boy! You've given us the best 18 months :) 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Caroline's First Hair Cut

Yup, she is 2.5 years old and just now getting her first hair cut! (Momma D gave us a tiny trim at home a few months ago but this is our first hair cut at the salon)
 She felt like a princess the entire time,  kept smiling at herself in the mirror, and asked for a crown when it was over. She's my child. 
No denying. 

Christmas Finale at Granmom's

We concluded our Christmas celebrations at my Granmom's house in Tennessee. This year we all gathered for Christmas for the first time without our beloved Grandad. He past away last April and we definitely missed him physically but felt his presence the entire time. Granmom set up a white Christmas tree with blue lights (he was a huge Kentucky fan) and we all brought something that reminded us of grandad to decorate the tree. It was the perfect way to keep our spirits up throughout the day. 
The children also kept our sprits up by performing many different songs and dances. It was quite hysterical to watch and we know Grandad was having a good ole laugh of us all from above! 

Family Christmas

We try not to lose focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Alan and I wanted to start some traditions of our own and one of those is baking a cake for Jesus for His birthday. We sang to Him and told the kids (as best we could for their age) what the true meaning of Christmas is. I hope that this is something that we will continue to do for years to come. 
We spent our first Christmas as a family of four in our new house and it sure was special. Alan and I decided to open our gifts the night before Santa came so we could actually sit down in peace and enjoy watching one another open presents. It was a sweet time. I think we may have started a tradition! 
We loved "playing Santa" and putting out all the toys. Christmas really is just as fun as a parent as it was as a child. Seeing it all again through the eyes of Caroline and John Collins brings such joy. 
Grandmommy and Grandaddy surprised the kids with this fun jump toy! They love it! 
Caroline's favorite gift was the Doc McStuffins play set and baby CeCe doll. She had been asking for it for several weeks after seeing it in a toys-r-us magazine. John Collins loved his roller coaster and mickey mouse the most! My favorite gift was my new Marco Bicego necklace and Alan's favorite was a scope for us gun.